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Masking Mishaps!

All items on this page are discounted to $6!

With handmade items, sometimes we make an OOPS! This could be something like:

  • We matched up a lining fabric that is visible on the front.

  • Or maybe our stitches aren't as perfect as we'd like.

  • It could be that we only had enough fabric to make a couple of masks and don't want to add them to the official lineup (that's a big score!).

  • Or maybe it just isn't a big seller and we want to cycle it out (clearance!).

  • Sometimes there are fabrics that need to be cut a certain way to really see the picture, and maybe we missed that sweet spot.

  • Or, maybe it's just post-seasonal discounted merchandise.


Whatever the reason we add them to this page, these masks will still be great masks, with the same comfortable design everyone knows and loves! They're great discount opportunities, and if you're on the fence about trying our design, give one of these a shot before placing a bigger order!


Note that mishap inventory is VERY limited; and if you see an item on here as well as on the main shop page, that's probably because an OOPS happened with stitching or lining up the fabric. So please be aware of that, and remember, these items are discounted for that reason! Also, note that the picture displayed may NOT be the exact mask you receive - if the mask is on the main shop page, we will use the same photograph as that page because it is not time efficient to do new photography of each mishap. OUR efficiency helps keep YOUR price down! :-)

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