How to Properly Wear a Mask

Wash Mask

Wash mask before first use.


(See Proper Care below for washing instructions.)

Wash Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

Washing Hands
Insert Filter

Insert removable filter into the pocket located at the bottom of the mask.

Chin flap

Grab the mask by the loops, fold down the chin flap, and secure the mask.

Secure Mask

Mask can be secured by using the loops as ear loops, or by clipping behind the head.​

  1. To use as ear loops, slide the adjuster bead so the mask fits comfortably, yet snug.​ This is optimal for quick on & off.

  2. If the clip is difficult to do behind the head, clip it first, then slide over the head. This is optimal for long-term wear.

Nose Wire

Adjust the nose piece to fit firmly against the bridge of your nose.

  • If you wear glasses, our nose piece will prevent fogging! If your glasses fog up at all, or you can feel your breath on your eyes, adjust the nosepiece further.

Cinch sides

​​Cinch the sides if necessary to adjust the comfort and to ensure mask fits securely against your face. If you feel your breath on your ears, adjust.

Built in Lanyard

With the mask clipped behind your head, you can keep your mask easily accessible when not in use. Simply slide the mask off the ears and down to your neck. This keeps the mask handy for you, but​ out of the way when you are able to maintain social distancing parameters of 6 feet.


To remove the mask, wash your hands thoroughly or sanitize. Then remove by the loops.

Remember to always wash or sanitize your hands after you touch your mask.

Washing Hands

Important Do's and Don'ts




Cloth masks do not replace PPE or N95s.


Swap out your mask every 2 hours or when the inside feels damp. Whichever is first. Damp masks may be ineffective and must be washed before reuse.


Give yourself a mask break at least every 2 hours for at least 5 minutes, and make sure your face fully dries before putting another mask on. Excessive long-term moisture can lead to bacteria growth.


Cloth masks should not replace social distancing, but should be used in conjunction with social distancing whenever possible.


If you experience any redness, swelling, or unusual soreness on your face, terminate mask use immediately and contact your doctor.


Put a mask on a child less than 2 years of age, or anyone who is incapacitated and cannot safely remove the mask independently.


Leave a small child unattended with a mask.


Touch the front of the mask after it has been worn.


Touch a clean mask with dirty hands.


Wear someone else's mask, and never let someone else use your mask (even if it is clean). Rule of thumb: treat your mask like you would your underwear!


Thoroughly inspect your mask before each use.


Wash or sanitize your hands before and after handling your mask.


Wear masks with the correct side facing out. These masks are not reversible.


Masks are not toys. Whichever mask you use, be sure to analyze it for safety. Think about choking hazards, strangulation hazards, etc. when choosing a mask for your child. Consider how they will use this mask.

Proper Care


Machine wash in a laundry/lingerie bag preferably in hot water using a fragrance-free, dye free detergent. 

Alternatively, masks may be hand-washed and soaked in hot soapy water for 20 minutes, then scrubbed and rinsed.



Remove mask from washer and stretch back out to smooth wrinkles. With the mask on a flat surface, use your hand to mimic an iron. Lay flat or hang to dry. Be sure mask is completely dry before next use.


Do not put in a dryer as this will make the mask come out as a wrinkled ball, and will make the loops brittle over time. If a dryer must be used, tumble dry on low.

Irons may be used but use caution! You cannot iron the loops or they may be severely damaged.

For masks that have a filter layer and/or have vinyl decals, do not iron.

Do NOT microwave, bleach, Lysol, or boil your mask to sanitize. Regular washing should be sufficient.

Masks should be immediately discarded should they have any damage or seem weak.

It is recommended to replace your mask every 3 months or 30 washings.


Returns & Exchange Policy


Due to the nature of the product, returns or exchanges cannot be accepted. However we want you to be happy with your purchase! Therefore, we recommend you only order one or two masks initially to test for comfort and size prior to making a larger investment. After you try them and LOVE them, then order additional masks!

In effort to keep costs down, we can not offer refunds at this time. However if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will try to make it right!


Warranty Information

30-Day Replacement Guarantee

While we cannot offer refunds or exchanges, we still stand by our products! Our masks are made from high quality materials designed to last for up to 30 washings. If your mask has any quality issues within 30 days from the date of purchase, we will either replace the part, or replace the mask. Please contact us immediately if there is an issue. Pictures and possibly a return of the mask may be required so we can further study the quality issue and ensure this does not happen again. We ask for your patience and cooperation with this as quality is extremely important to us. We will fully investigate any and all quality issues our customers have in effort to prevent recurring problems. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality masks, using the highest quality materials, and to give our customers the highest confidence in our products!

The Fine Print: any damage caused by negligence, misuse, or not following Proper Care instructions voids this warranty.