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  1. Our masks are designed with effectiveness in mind, however they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency. They are not recommended in a medical setting, and should not replace PPE like N95s. We make no claims that our masks will protect you or those around you from COVID-19, nor do we claim these masks will protect you from any other viruses or contaminants. (We certainly HOPE they do, but hope is all we can offer you.) Please be sure to read everything on the Important Info tab prior to purchasing.

  2. Masks should be worn at the buyer's discretion and by wearing our masks you agree to hold harmless Masking Massachusetts. It is the buyer's responsibility to fully inspect all masks upon receipt and prior to wearing.

  3. According to our manufacturer, our breakaway clips are designed to breakaway with an 8 pound force, however they have not each been individually tested and it is the responsibility of the user to test the breakaway force to ensure it meets their needs. The breakaway is meant for emergency use only and should not be considered a method of removing the mask. Hard tugging on the loops may cause damage and this will not be covered by warranty. To test the breakaway loops, it is recommended to grab the edges of the plastic clip firmly and tug.

  4. Our masks are made in a smoke-free, pet-friendly (dog) location. Our facility is not peanut free.

  5. We pre-wash all fabrics in a fragrance-free, dye-free detergent. Please wash your masks before use.

  6. All of our masks have built in nose pieces. If you are not comfortable with you or your child having a nose piece in the mask, please let us know this with your order and we will either custom make your order or remove it prior to shipment at no additional charge to you. OR you could make a tiny slit in the top inside layer of the mask all the way to the side and remove the nose wire. This will not jeopardize the integrity of the mask. (You can email me if you need help with this!) We include a nosepiece in all of our masks because our testers determined the nose piece was vital for comfortably keeping the child's mask in place. Please be sure to use caution and common sense. 

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