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We strive to provide comfortable, high quality, stylish, and versatile cloth masks at an affordable price!

Welcome to the new website for Masking Massachusetts ...and Beyond!

We started making non-medical cloth masks at the beginning of March, 2020 - before masks were even suggested by the CDC or WHO. At that time there were not many patterns available so we blocked off a weekend and designed designed designed. From scratch. The initial goal was to get masks in everyone's hands ASAP, starting with friends and family, as well as doctors offices, hospitals, and first responders. All our masks were free to anyone who needed them, and we collected donations to help with the cost of materials. Our endeavor quickly grew in the community, and then extended beyond the state lines of Massachusetts! We donated over 400 masks in the early stages of the pandemic; and then after 3 months we decided... we can do BETTER!

Once there were sufficient cloth masks available to the community, and we felt sufficiently experienced with sewing and wearing masks, we took a break to redesign our pattern. We spent close to 8 weeks, made over 100 prototypes, and extensively tested various materials to ensure our new masks would be the best on the market. One thing we humbly know is that not all faces are shaped the same, so in effort to confirm our mask would be loved by all different facial structures, we had dozens of people test our new design for comfort, and submit a survey with their opinions. The survey results far surpassed our expectations, and confirmed our mask design is above all others on the market today! Within weeks of testing this new design we had such an overwhelming response from word of mouth that we realized it's time to set up a website. So, here it is!

*We continue to accept donations which provides free masks to medical professionals and first responders. To help make this possible, click on the Donate Now button below!

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Mask Maker

Our mask design is one-of-a-kind, which took over 8 weeks and 100 prototypes to develop!

About Our Masks

Our masks are made in the USA in the Springfield, MA area and may be made from imported fabrics. Most are 100% quilting cotton, however some are also made with a 90% polyester / 10% spandex stretch chiffon. Fabric content noted on each product's listing. Most of our Medium and Large masks have a filter pocket, which can be used with a disposable filter; or you can purchase a custom reusable & machine washable filter from us.

Our nosepieces are also handmade in the USA (CA) made from bendable aluminum that won't rust or tarnish. They are perfect for holding shape, yet pliable to mold comfortably to your nose. Our Large nose piece is made of .03125" thick aluminum offering a firm hold, while our Medium and Small use .023" thick aluminum offering a more pliable option for delicate faces. Both are great nose pieces to help keep your mask in place and minimize glasses from fogging!


Our super soft loops are handmade (by us!) in the USA from imported materials, and are comprised of 83% Nylon / 17% Elastane.*

Our method to secure the mask is our own unique and versatile design! The loops can be clipped behind the head (like a built in "ear saver"!), or you can skip the clip and loop them around a ponytail or a bun. There are adjusters on the loops to allow them to be worn over the ears, which provides further flexibility to accommodate smaller or larger heads. Our mask design also allows for the clipped loops to be worn behind the neck freeing the ears from any stress/fatigue, and making our design optimal for people who wear glasses or hearing aids. 

The loops are sewn into channels which allows them to be easily swapped out for ties, should they ever get damaged or stretched out. These channels also allow for cinching of the sides of the mask, giving even further adjustment capabilities for added comfort, flexibility, and security.


There are no other masks on the market with this level of flexibility!

We hope you love our masks as much as we do!

*Only black loops are made in-house... All other colors are by our supplier CharleyCharlesNylon and are made up of Nylon & Elastic. Alternative colors are only for certain specialty masks.


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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests.

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